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Monday, September 03, 2007

Phoja : Social Photo Discussion

Phoja is a free "social photo discussion" service, where users can share photos and discuss about them with the rest of the community.

You may post photos on Phoja from the web site or your mobile phone. The photos can be about something interesting you saw, something you need advice on, and even something amusing. You can also post photos taken from your mobile phone camera or a digital camera, along with a relevant question, and seek advice from other like-minded Phoja users.

Phoja also offers a community-driven popularity index for all photo submissions. The more relevant comments your photo post receives, the more points it gains, and becomes popular among the Phoja community.

Besides being a photo sharing platform, Phoja can simplify your decisions - with just a photo! Click a photo on any subject, and post it with your question. And receive instant feedback from the community. Wondering where and how you can use Phoja in everyday life? Let's see ...
  • Need advice on a gadget deal, even while you are out shopping?
  • Saw someone wearing a great dress, and want some advice on where to buy the same stuff?
  • Are you an avid reader? In a book shop, deciding which book to buy?
  • Are you a budding photographer? Need advice on how you can improve your skills?
  • Lost in a new city? Need directions to the nearest mall or a park from where you are?
  • Diet conscious? Need advice on how nutritious that meal is?
  • Dressing up for a meetup, but confused which dress or makeup looks good on you?
With a pinch of creativity, the possibilities are limitless! So, the next time you see something interesting, and need some friendly recommendations, or maybe just a discussion, think of Phoja!

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