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Sunday, August 19, 2007

NosyJoe : The Social Search Engine

NosyJoe is a social search engine that relies on you to sniff the web for interesting content and submit to NosyJoe.

NosyJoe then extracts the meaningful sentences, phrases and keywords from the submitted content and:

• Stores the sentences in its index to make them meaningfully searchable;
• Publishes the sentences wrapped in context on its site to make them web visible, indexable and findable;
• Turns the extracted key phrases and keywords into contextual tags and organizes the meaningful sentences there;
• Contextually links to the source from all extracted sentences;
• Ranks, mashes, shares and clusters the meaningful sentences further based on a unique point-based system that relies on a set of algorithms and user patterns;
• All meaningful sentences within the system dynamically gain or lose points based on set of algorithms and user patterns.

The project is currently in private beta.

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