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Saturday, August 25, 2007

MYMINUTES.ORG : Freeze Your Time


Myminutes.org is here, the first collective sentimental calendar which gathers beautiful moments, a window in which it is possible to associate the minutes of a solar year to the most significant moments of one's life.

The user who accesses the site has the possibility to buy one or more minutes and have the home page all to himself every year for these selected minutes where they can publish whatever they desire: photos, videos, audio clips, text, poems, stories or links to their own site or blog.

Minutes will be exclusively owned by the first user to buy them, after which nobody else can buy the minutes in question.

The "minuter" or the owner of the minute, can, therefore use their minute in many ways: to give as a special present, to commemorate and share significant episodes of their lives, their birthday, their first kiss, their wedding, their anniversary, freezing forever their emotions through an image or a video clip.

The acquired Minutes will be visible on the home page in every time zone at their corresponding time and will be replayed at the same time every year thereafter. The minutes can be indexed or searched for through a keyword or if the minute becomes popular it will appear directly on the homepage’s top list of most voted or commentated on minutes.

It is possible to buy a minute or give it as a present to loved ones for as long as they are available. (525,600 equal to one solar year) Once all the minutes are sold the site cannot resell them. To buy a minute the owner has to be contacted directly. Contact information can be found only if the owner consented to the option when originally buying the minute.

After buying their "time-space" the user will receive via e-mail a "Purchase Document" which is an ownership certificate, a tangible record of your ownership that can be kept or given as a gift. Inside the community it is possible to move around in full freedom, sharing feelings or thoughts with others, except what is considered objectionable or obnoxious material.

The money earned from the sale of the minutes (one minute = 1 Euro) will be used to create and launch new innovative web projects. The buyer will be kept informed of every iniaitive through a newsletter by email (if requested upon Registration) and through the onsite blog.

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