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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

First public release of Vaporisation 1.0rc1

Plone released first public version 1.0rc1 of Vaporisation under GPL license. Though this is not a final release, but still it can be be used for testing and development.

Do not use these on production sites, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.

It is recommended to always install it on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.

About Vaporisation

Vaporisation is a tag cloud product. It includes a navigation concept that allows you to browse through contents via their related keywords. This concept is called "joint navigation".

Vaporisation provides a simple content type, called "Vaporized Cloud". Via this object, you will be able to handle preferences and restrictions, in order to display as many keywords as you want, authorizing only the relevant ones. Your cloud can be used as a portlet thanks to the product Portletification.

The cloud is static : you have to synchronize it by hand. This allows you to work on your contents without affecting the site. Therefore, the performances are much more interesting than classical dynamic tag clouds. Give it a try, and you'll notice the difference. Complex calculations are done only once and then, your site is up and running. The update doesn't slow down your portal and is instant on websites with up to 300 tags and more than 1000 tagged items.


Vaporisation uses Five for forms, adaptation, views and vocabularies. Be sure you run a decent Zope and Five.

Download Now.

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