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Friday, August 10, 2007

Firefox extension myTimeZone for eBay

No more mental date conversions!

myTimeZone for eBay automatically converts eBay dates to your local time zone on-the-fly. It accurately adjusts for daylight savings time according to your local DST rules and the DST rules of the eBay server's location.

You can customize many details of the date display format to enhance readability:
  • Use 24 or 12 hour time format with AM/PM indicators
  • Substitute words like "Today" and "Tomorrow" for actual dates.
  • Use the word "at" to separate date and time for better readability.
  • Suppress the display of seconds in the time portion of the date if you like.
  • Choose from 4 different date formats in either U.S. or European style.
  • Add the name of the day of the week to the date.
  • Customize the display of "AM" or "PM" to use periods or lower case if you prefer.
  • The extension can be turned on or off without having to restart Firefox.
As well as converting any dates it finds within regular eBay pages, it also updates your browser's title bar text with the converted date and converts dates found on more specialized pages like the Item Revision page, Bid History page, etc. It even converts dates on the eBay message boards to your local time.

Basically, if it finds any typically formatted eBay date inside the page, it converts it!

Setup is a snap. You don't have to specify your time zone, etc. It automatically detects and converts dates upon installation with built in rules and formulas for determining daylight savings time. Once you've specified how you like your dates formatted it's a "set and forget" extension.

This extension works for the following English speaking eBay web sites:

eBay US (ebay.com)
eBay Canada (ebay.ca - English site)
eBay UK (ebay.co.uk)
eBay Australia (ebay.com.au)
eBay Ireland (ebay.ie)

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