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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Become a popular chef with Imcooked.com : Cook it, Film it, Share it

If you love to cook then imcooked.com is there for you to learn new recipes. This is a user powered video sharing site like youtube.com where you can find lots of video on recipes only. It's a community in which users can generate only food related content.

Members of imcooked.com can share their recipes with the world absolutely free. You can easily become a popular chef if you keep at it and upload new recipes all the time. The possibilities are endless and what you do with it is totally up to you. Imcooked.com does not in anyway supply the content for our site.

Now it's easy for you to become a popular chef. What you all have to do is :

1. Cook It : Prepare your favorite meals and have fun doing it!
2. Film It : Become a star and record yourself cooking your masterpeice!
3. Share It : Easily share your videos with everyone, public or private

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