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Monday, August 20, 2007

Azureus Released !

Azureus brings the version numbering back into line and should reduce confusion over which 2.x version maps to which 3.x version. Existing 2.x users will get the classic UI, while new and existing 3.x users will get the Vuze client UI, with the option to switch back to the 2.x UI if you choose.

What's new in Azureus ?

What's New for the Classic UI (Advanced View) and Azureus Core since ?

1.1 Torrent Menu : There is now a Torrent Menu on the main menu bar that contains the right click menu of My Torrents.

1.2 Piece Distribution Sub-view : Pieces tab now contains a Piece Distribution Sub-view

1.3 Speed Selector Slider :
There is now a slider when changing the upload or download speed via right click on the status bar. Features include :
- Ability to click down, drag to the correct speed, and then release the mouse button for immediate changes
- Direct speed entry via keyboard
- Up/down arrows to adjust the speed by 1
- Page Up/Page Down to adjust speed by 10
- Control Page Up/Control Page Down to adjust speed by 100
- Ability to add a pre-configured list of speeds

1.4 IP Filter Autoloading : You can now specify a IP Filter file or URL to load at start-up. Supports DAT (eMule), P2P (PeerGuardian, splist), and P2B v1,2,3 (Peer Guardian 2) formats.

1.5 Piece Map Sub-view : Pieces tab now contains a piece map, which gives an overall view of the piece distribution amongst the clients you are connected to, which pieces you are downloading (big down arrow), pieces you are planning to download (small down arrow), pieces you are uploading (big up arrow), and pieces you are going to upload next (small up arrow). Rarest pieces are marked with a solid border. Next rarest pieces are marked with a dotted border.

1.6 Speed Tester Wizard : Find out what Azureus thinks your maximum upload and download speeds are.

1.7 New Auto-Speed Algorithm : A new auto-speed algorithm that should be more accurate in setting your limits, and more giving while you are browsing the web. To enable this, change the Auto Speed algorithm in Options->Transfer->Auto-Speed to "Auto-speed(beta)".

1.8 More control :
- Per-peer and per-category upload/download speed limits

- Per-torrent super seeding mode
- More options to clear remembered settings

1.9 More information :
- Download status, distributed copies and completed piece count to the General torrent view
- Date Completion column added to My Torrents view
- Added a Transfer Bar (similar to Download Bar)

1.10 Memory usage optimizations : Memory optimizations were made related to single file downloads and queued torrents

1.11 Other Notables :
- Better handling when system suspends/resumes[Windows]
- At least 30 more clients are identifiable, as well as some common "fake" clients. Identification of existing clients have also been improved.
- Peer messages to inform of bad pieces
- IPv6 Support in DHT, version server, and tracker
- New unix startup script to handle different java installation locations, GRE/Xulrunner searching, restarts, and plugin updates.
- Better handling of updates when using Vista and it's lovely security system.
- Fixed 100% CPU problem in network code under some conditions

About Azureus
  • Most popular BitTorrent client
  • High-resolution content platform
  • Browse, share, search, discover content
  • Rich streamlined interface
  • Includes classic 2.5 series user interface

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