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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yahoo Suggest ...

Yahoo! has introduced a search suggest feature on yahoo.com.

When you do a search on Yahoo!, you'll automatically be given suggestions based on what you have typed - as you're typing. So, not only does this limit the number of words you need to type into a query, it may also present similar queries to shorten your searching time and get to what you're looking for quicker. Search Suggest isn't new, just new to Yahoo.com. Yahoo launched this feature in the Yahoo! Toolbar in Firefox a while back and you can get it directly from the Firefox 2 search box when you select Yahoo! as your search engine.

This is more similar to what Google has already introduced. Yahoo suggest will provide the keyword suggestion as soon as you type a word of the query. Google suggest will give the suggested keyword along with the number of results available for that particular keyword.

Hope yahoo will do something different in neared future to make it more it more exciting.

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