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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Release of Firefox

Mozilla released version of Firefox 2.

This new version has fixed 8 security issues as below:

1. MFSA 2007-25 XPCNativeWrapper pollution.
2. MFSA 2007-24 Unauthorized access to wyciwyg:// documents
3. MFSA 2007-23 Remote code execution by launching Firefox from Internet Explorer
4. MFSA 2007-22 File type confusion due to %00 in name
5. MFSA 2007-21 Privilege escalation using an event handler attached to an element not in the document.
6. MFSA 2007-20 Frame spoofing while window is loading.
7. MFSA 2007-19 XSS using addEventListener and setTimeout.
8. MFSA 2007-18 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption

Out of above eight , issue 3, 5 and 8 were the critical.

Details can be found at:

Release note:

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