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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Puppy Linux version 2.17 is available to download

Another wonderful new Puppy! The standard release is puppy-2.17-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso live-CD and is 82.6MB.

Release notes:
  • Enhanced dialup: Puppy now has enhanced support for those who have to access the Internet by dialup. Automatic detection and setup of serial and many soft-modems -- quite amazing if you happen to have a compatible soft-modem! Read more Read more
  • For dialup, there is a new GUI application called PupDial. PupDial is integrated with the new auto-detection to provide extremely simple Internet connection. Read more Read more
  • Enhanced printing: Finally, Puppy has CUPS! This includes the complete Gutenprint 5.0.0 package so Puppy supports over 500 printers out-of-the-box. Extra Hewlett Packard drivers are available as a PET package. Read more
  • Print-to-PDF: This is out-of-the-box setup for CUPS, with the 'CUPS-PDF printer' ready to go. Read more
  • MMC and SD cards: These are now fully automatically supported. You should not have to setup anything. Read more
  • Boot configuration: The BootManager was introduced in Puppy 2.16 to manage loading of SFS files (application combo-packs). My intention was that the BootManager would be a one-stop-shop for configuring all aspects of bootup, and I have now taken the next step and added management of modules. Read more
  • Mount image files: One-click mounting of .2fs (a file with ext2 f.s. inside), .3fs (ext3), .sfs (squashfs) and .iso (CD image) files. Read more
  • Hardware information: PupScan is my GUI application to view PCI and modules information. USB information is now added. Read more
  • Pmount is a drive mounter. It has been totally revamped for 2.17. As well as an improved display and bugfixes it is also now much faster. Underlying scripts test-eide, test-scsi, probepart and probedisk totally rewritten.
  • Boot from USB CD/DVD drive: the live-CD will now boot from this, as well as the usual internal CD/DVD drive.
  • Boot from floppy disk: Puppy has this for a long time, now WakePup2 (floppy image file) has been greatly enhanced. Read more
  • ePDFView PDF viewer. This is great, replaces Gsview. Read more
  • Notecase outliner. I am waxing poetic about this one. Version 0.5.8 has everything I dreamed of in a note-manager/outliner. Read more
  • Xfdiff, frontend for 'diff' and 'patch'. This is very nice, and replaces TkDiff. Read more
  • The default finance manager application is now Grisbi (v0.5.9). Read more
  • We have removed Dillo in favour of Gtkmoz for our internal HTML viewer. Read more Read more
  • The following packages have been upgraded: RutilT v0.15, Pfind v2.2 (more), Pbackupmore, more), Geany 20070626 (now has FreeBasic highlighting) (more), WakePup2, ROX-Filer v2.6.1 (more), puppyserialdetect v1.1g (more), xkbconfigmanager v1.1 (Dougal), puppybasic v 2.5b (MU).
    v2.4.4 (
  • The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version Read more
  • Lots of bugfixes (of course).
If you want to obtain the latest Puppy live-CD, or the "devx" module, that turns Puppy into a complete C/C++ compiler environment, or the patched kernel source, please go to the Puppy download page for links: http://www.puppylinux.com/download/downpage.htm

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