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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Navigator 9 Beta 2 has been released

Netscape has announced the immediate availability of Netscape Navigator 9.0 Beta 2 on 12th July. The release is now available for download from browser.netscape.com for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Beta 2 addresses the following issues that appeared in Beta 1:

- Added URL as a tooltip to Linkpad entries
Added "Reload" to the FAS and Tracker sidebar context menus
Closing the last tab will now close the browser window
Fixed the CFBundleSignature on the Mac DMG
Fixed bug when removing the location bar while customizing the toolbar
Various fixes to in-browser voting
Various performance fixes

Automatic updates have not yet been enabled for Beta 1 users, but they will be available soon.

See What's New in Netscape Navigator 9? at browser.netscape.com
for a complete list of the new features in Netscape 9.

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