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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Living Memory : Record and Share Your Life

LivingMemory is a long-term site, focused on the lifetime of a person. LivingMemory is on online community of 'Real People' recording and sharing elements of their lives. A network of self-expression, a record of real relationships, events, stories, references and magic moments from individuals across the globe. A place where people can meet and converse with family or friends - old and new. A richness of experiences uniquely recorded for the benefit of each member, their families and for others to share.

LivingMemory allows its Members to create an online memory of their existence on this planet in an ongoing and easy manner.

What you can do with LivingMemory ?
  • Upload, Organize, Tag and Share your photos.
  • Record yourself. By mean of recording you can define a secure timeline about your past; Your birth, schooling, job, clubs.
  • Create your own stories and make it secure.
  • Create your family tree.
  • Express your likes and dislikes
  • Make connection with others.
  • Create a forum and share your lives

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