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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Four Things i don't like about Google Reader

Though Google Reader is one of the best aggregator and equipped with couple of good features, i think there are 4 things that google reader must have:

1. Google reader doesn't have a feature to delete the created folder. For example, you have created a folder in order to group particular type of feeds let say "personal blogs". Later on if you decide to delete it, then you will not find a way to do it in google reader.

2. Google Reader doesn't have a feature to rename folder. Suppose you created a folder and did a mistake while naming it. Now if you decide to rename the folder, you will not do it.

3. There is an option/tab in the google reader to mark all items as read "Mark all as read". All new items will be high lighted in Bold. Once you read it or click on 'mark all as read' tab, reader will display items in normal font, not more bold. If you want to make some items as unread (high lighted as bold) again, then you will not find any option in google reader.

4. If you read some items and thought that they are not useful anymore and wish to delete it from your folder, you can't do it in google reader.

Well, i am using google reader since long time and i don't have any idea about other aggregators, so can't compare these with others. But if google will provide above options then hope it will woks best for me and you too.

Comments are most welcome ;)

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