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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Explore, Create, Share and Discuss Timelines with xtimeline

Making a timeline is a unique way of expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge with the world. xtimeline is providing a service to explore, create, share and discuss Timelines. xtimeline is a user powered site like wikipedia or digg.

What you can do with xtimeline ?

1. Explore timelines : You can search the popular timelines by categories, tags or community based rating.

2. Create timeline : Create a new timeline on a topic you feel passionate about like sports, technology, science, history, biographies or celebrities. You can create it by writing a short description of the timeline and adding events to it. It takes only minutes.

3. Share your timeline : You can share the timelines that you have created or founded. you can embed a timeline on your blog or create a badge to share on online communities.

4. Discuss timeline : You can discuss the timeline in forums. In forums, you can have more detailed discussions about specific timelines, categories, or about the xtimeline website in general. You can rate the timelines as well as share your thoughts on a timeline by leaving a comment.

xtimeline has added two major features recently to provide more flexibility to users.

1. Bulk Upload (.CSV files) : Once you create a timeline, you can use bulk upload to quickly populate the timeline with events. The bulk upload button is on the timeline edit page next to add event. The bulk upload uses a .csv (comma separated values) file, and you can download an example file here. Use this file as a base to start adding events by using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

2. RSS Upload -- import your blog into a timeline : You can now import RSS feeds! Upload your favorite blogs or newsfeeds into a timeline. You can now add hyperlinks, pictures, formatting codes, and more.

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