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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Celebrate your life in an exciting new way with CircaVie

Never forget another special memory. AOL has launched a service called circaVie which allows you to easily create multimedia timelines all about your life. Special events, noteworthy achievements, relationships, memorable vacations, interests and hobbies, celebrations, announcements … you name it.

circaVie is a place to collect your memories and share your life in a new way…chronologically. Tell your life story or the story of your latest roadtrip, a day to remember, or a month around the world. Any time, any picture, video, or special occasion – mark it here and share it everywhere.

By creating a circaVie timeline and adding events to it, you’re automatically able to share your life and interests with your friends, your family and the rest of the world in a brand new way. You can think of circaVie as a souped-up, unique way of blogging, where you can seamlessly share photos, video and text that other users can comment upon. Your timelines are also portable and can be shared anywhere you like since they're all embeddable into your personal Web site, or online profile. Just create your timeline here and take it with you wherever you like!

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