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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Gwigle is an educational game to help you use Google more effectively.

It's an online puzzle game that actually teaches you Google search tricks as you play. Each screen shows a few search results along with the search string at the top. One word is replaced with question marks; it's your job to fill it in. It's hands-on education that feels more like you're playing a game than learning useful knowledge.

When the wrong word is entered it alerts your by red sign as below.

If you enter the word correctly, you will see the below screen.

The game, created by a Google employee, is multi-level and if you think the first levels are too easy, wait for the queries from Image Search, Google Maps and Google Calculator. It will be pretty difficult to guess the queries and the options are pretty limited.
Glancing at the search results gives you clues as to what the mystery search term is. If you're stuck, you can always hit up Google for some clues. Simply copy some of the text from Gwigle and search away.

Play Now ... Good luck!

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