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Friday, June 15, 2007

Compenion: The laptop from 2015

The Compenion is a sleek concept laptop designed by Felix Schmidberger. It certainly looks like the kind of portable PC we might be carrying around in 2015, made more futuristic by its OLED and keyboard. You can tap away by hand or use the "senstylus" pen to control it, and through a series of docking stations the Compenion will adapt to the environment where you're using it. For example, the home dock might have a projector for viewing video, while the office might include ergonomic stuff like an external keyboard. touchscreen, which serves as both monitor.

As cool as smartphones are, laptops certainly aren't going away, so the Compenion makes a decent case for next-gen mobile computing. Between its sleekness, the OLED touchscreen and innovative modular concept, it's got a lot to going for it. Not sure about that name, though, Felix.

See the details at: SCI FI Tech

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