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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MyBlogLog Introduced ‘Connector’ To Find Missing Links In Your Social Networks

MyBlogLog announced yesterday about their new feature called Connector. Connector makes it easier to be an online social butterfly and get connected with what's going on in Internet City.

Connector helps you fill in the connection gaps with your friends across the services you use. If you're friends on MyBlogLog, you probably should be friends on the other services you use. This will help you do just that.

Click a green plus icon (Click to Connect)  to connect to a friend at a service. If you want to open all connections with a friend, click a green arrow icon (connect on all service) and multiple windows will open with your friend's profiles. As oAuth becomes available, it will be possible to make connections without opening a new window.


How does it work? Let's say you are connected with Jane on MyBlogLog and are chatting it up with her on twitter and sharing photos on flickr. Connector looks at the public friends lists on del.icio.us, Pownce, Digg, Last.fm, and YouTube to see if you're connected there as well. If you and Jane have shared your third party identities on these services on your MyBlogLog profile, MyBlogLog will figure out if you're connected or not. If not, the green plus icon will take you to their page where you can connect (once direct authentication is supported, it will build in-line friending). That's it! Now you can share links, music, and videos and stay that much more in touch with your friends. Use Connector to fill in the gaps in your personal social network.

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